Which 2B Inspired Love Doll Will Make You Pull The Trigger?

Cosplay love dolls gradually became popular among doll lovers as well as anime and video game enthusiasts. Many doll brands develop various characters to bring fantasies into real life. They are either sculpted similarly to the original characters or dressed up in cosplay costumes and makeup to capture the main features of these characters. 2B is a character from NieR: Automata that could be found the cosplay dolls in the sex doll market.

We’ve collected several love dolls inspired by 2B, made by WM DollsSE DollZelex Doll, and Gamelady Doll. They’re all available on YourDoll.com. These cosplay sex dolls are made with different materials, heights, figures, etc. Check the following 2B sex dolls, and find out the one that is in tune with your tastes.

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Full Silicone 2B, 171G – Gamelady Doll

The latest creation of a 2B-inspired doll is produced by Gamelady Doll. They sculpted a similar 2B face to pair a 171G silicone body figure, a little bit taller than the character (168cm) in the video game. And she weighs about 37kg (81.2 lbs), and it’s not a very light weight, is this within the weight range you are considering?

By far, Gamelady 2B has no movable jaw feature, you could only have a face with a closed mouth. Except for that, all the other upgraded customizable options are available, such as realistic body painting, articulated fingers, gel butt, etc.

Full Silicone Nakina, 170C – Zelex Doll

The 2B cosplayer of Zelex Doll is named Nakina. She’s wrapped in a tight one-piece with a similar design and pattern. Though without the classic dress, her hair, the typical mole, and the overall look will make you think of 2B without any doubt. I have to say, Zelex Doll makes an impressive image of Nakina.

As a 170cm Zelex member, Nakina is allowed to be equipped with “Softer Breast”, “Softer Butt”, and special “Removable Pussy”.

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